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For over 25 years now, The Sean Lyons Group has been on the leading edge in executive and interim recruiting, serving all of the US. The US boasts of having the largest and most diversified economy in the world. Several of the world’s leading public, private, and investor-backed companies are based in the US. Moreover, many global companies based elsewhere have set up operations in the country and rely on the economy of the US to succeed. With the significant investment by investors and individuals, the spirit of entrepreneurship remains alive in a myriad of industries across the country. The commonality in all these businesses is the great employees who make the difference. Sean Lyons Group is all about finding for you the next best employee without having to do all the work. We are considered one of America’s best executive recruiting firms due to our vast experience in staffing and recruiting.

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At Sean Lyons Group, our specialty is the hospitality industry. We are 5-star hospitality executive recruiters and have served a number of hospitality businesses in the US. These include:



Food Service

Private Clubs


Ski Resorts

We are committed to connecting great hospitality companies to great management to help enhance their businesses through executive and interim recruiting, serving all of the US. Our ability to provide high-quality outsourced employment has made us one of the best all executive search agencies in the USA. We make your work easier by helping you find the right employees that will ensure the success of your organization.

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Our vast experience in the hospitality industry and proven track record make us one of America’s best executive recruiting firms. For over two decades, our services have delivered professional staff to executive-level professionals for an impressive number of organizations nationally.

Our executive search team at Sean Lyons Group comprises highly specialized recruiters who locate, assess, and place able leaders with extensive experience in well-suited companies.

As a national executive search agency, our time in the business has enabled us to build client relationships from coast to coast. We offer a broad spectrum of services and deliver personalized and result-oriented services.

For more than 25 years, we have been the first choice for companies looking to find sustainability professionals that are a perfect fit for their organizations.

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Sean Lyons Group is always looking for new opportunities to engage with companies and help them recruit the best employees.

As a USA executive recruitment agency, we are qualified to assist you in your crucial search thanks to our vast experience in recruitment in the hospitality industry.

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