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While winter might be hunting season for you, you need a good hospitality recruiting strategy all year round to keep your doors open for business. Sean Lyons Group is a full-service, end-to-end recruitment company that connects you with the best candidates for any position. Our top-notch search services source nationally and locally for staff that will foster the growth of your ski resort.

Top-Rated Hospitality Recruiting Services

Our goal is to let you handle the day-to-day activities of your business as you allow our experts to do the headhunt for you. We source for the lowest to the top management personnel, giving each recruitment the attention it deserves. Depending on the number of positions to be filled, future goals, and current hiring objectives, we take 45 days or less to get your match!

Searching For Top-Notch Hospitality Recruiting Services?

Looking For Hospitality Executive Search?

Your top management is crucial for your success, and we can’t stress enough how they significantly impact your business. They are a great asset to your business, from ensuring 5-star customer satisfaction to keeping junior staff on their best behavior. We take precision in every executive search, paying attention to what you need. If you are searching for someone who will provide unwavering support while making the best decision at every step, our unique input will go a long way. We have the know-how and tested strategies. Besides, our detailed and systematic hiring processes are an added advantage. We help fill gaps in all levels, from C-level, VP, Director, and Mid to Senior management.

Why Consider Our Hospitality Recruitment Services?


You utilize our two-decade industry expertise by working with us. We all have varying backgrounds in the hospitality recruitment industry, and together we achieve the impossible. We keep up with recruitment trends, skill sets, salary levels, and more, so you don’t have to. We also offer valuable insights into your recruitment, helping you determine if temporary, seasonal, or direct hire staffing fits you.

Access to the best candidates

The superiority of our input is we have a database of suitable candidates for you. By this, we mean skill-specific candidates. Moreover, each time we get on that search, we have two objectives. The first is finding the best candidate who will add value to your ski resort. Secondly, long-term success in hiring starts by choosing a candidate that aligns with your values and culture. If you keep replacing your staff a dozen times a year, our services are your best shot at long-lasting employer-employee relationships.

Save money and valuable time

Recruitment is a challenging task. Talk of lengthy interviews that sometimes bear no fruit. And the board meetings come at a cost too. But that’s something you shouldn’t worry about when you’ve got us. We assess thousands of CVs, check references, and hold interviews to filter out the best from the standard. We have learned a few techniques along the way to make a difference in our choices. Once we understand your business and goals, you can expect timely and cost-effective staffing.

The strategies of your hospitality recruiting can break or make your ski resort business. The excellent news is we can help. Sean Lyons Group takes the time to attract, gauge, and match you with the best candidate for the available position. We consider the skill set, the service line, and your objectives for proper hiring. Your hassle-free recruitment is a call away from our team!