Private Clubs

Sean Lyons Group is a full-service, premier private club staffing agency committed to serving you with the most qualified candidates for any position. We uphold the highest standards to maintain our leadership position in the industry. Our goal is to take away the burden of hectic executive searches from your day-to-day activities while utilizing our expertise to fetch you the best manpower as per your specifications.


Searching For A Private Clubs Staffing Agency?

Search no further!

When it comes to your top management, the stakes are higher. Your executive team is your bait for success. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance, and we can help. We perform everything with precision for the club’s executive search that produces superior leaders who make a difference to your bottom line.

The Private Clubs Staffing Agency That Wishes To Impact Your Business!

Which Position Needs to Be Filled?

Sean Lyons Group has worked with various hospitality firms to match them with the right candidates. These include a range of positions, from C-Level, VP, Director, and the Mid to Senior Management Level. Moreover, we strive to finish your private club recruiting in 45 days or less, depending on the position’s sensitivity and the number of vacant positions.

Why We Are Your Go-To National Private Club Executive Recruiters


Staffing is a daunting process—talk of thousands of resumes that need reviewing. We leverage the latest technology to give our clients the best experience possible in terms of accuracy and speed. Our recruiting processes are innovative, scalable, and flexible to cast a wide net and produce extraordinary results.

Dedicated Team

We have a vast team of the finest recruiters in the industry. We are highly experienced and educated specialists who will go above and beyond for our clients. Despite the long to unfruitful interviews, we still look forward to meeting all your needs, paying close attention to your specifications. Your executive search requires leaders who predict needs, solve problems, and are out to offer exceptional customer service. This is while offering direction and outstanding leadership to other staff.


Our high integrity levels are our pride. We never participate in any dishonest dealings with fair recruiting services. We are not biased by race, ethnicity, age, or gender. We connect the highest qualified people with their ideal positions. Our candidates are also well-vetted, with a detailed background check.

Smart Staffing

We work tirelessly to create inclusive job descriptions and qualifications to ensure our candidates provide unique talent and reflect the world’s hospitality needs. We work closely with you to meet the seasonal employment needs of your private club.

Good Value For Your Money

Needless to say, we save you money and effort with our services. We eliminate the costs of recruiting, hiring, and training your staff for the job. Talk of an affordable employment solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, as you utilize two-decade recruiting expertise. We do it all and present you with a product that can take your business to the next level. We also minimize downtime by spending minimum time to find you an employee who matches your needs, culture, and values.

Sean Lyons Group is your go-to private club staffing agency that takes a keen interest in your recruitment requirements. We have specialists who go the extra mile for you to avail the right talent for your business. We understand the wide window of opportunity when you have the right team by your side, and we would like to help. Get in touch today for a superior leadership team you can trust with your investment!