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Countless organizations have partnered with Sean Lyons Group to locate their next employee. Let our marketing, sales, and strategy recruiters help you recruit your next successful employee.

Sean Lyons Group helps hospitality companies build superior leadership teams, focusing on C-level, VP, Director, and Mid to Senior Management-level roles. We can expedite your hiring process and help find the best available management match for your organization. Our goal is to complete your executive search within 45 days or less.

Your top management employees are crucial for the success of your business. From keeping the junior staff efficient and getting a 5-star customer satisfaction rating, the top management is an asset to your business.

Using our proven candidate selection process, we have the experience and knowledge to find you the candidate you need. We are by far the top marketing recruiters and executive search firm in North Carolina.

We have been in the game for the past two decades keeping up with recruitment trends, salaries, skills sets, and more so that you don’t have to.

Sean Lyons Group – The Best Marketing, Executive, and Sales Team Recruiters!

Our Services

At Sean Lyons Group, our specialty is the hospitality industry. We offer professional staffing and recruitment services for various hospitality businesses and areas such as:



Food Service

Private Clubs


Ski Resorts

Our commitment is to connect great hospitality companies to great management to help enhance their businesses. Our ability to provide high-quality outsourced employment has made us one of the best executive recruitment agencies. Our services include but are not limited to  We focus on C-level, VP, Director, and mid to Senior Management level roles. We can make your hiring process easier for you and get you the best available match for your company. We aim to complete all our executive searches successfully within 45 days or less.

Why Choose Us?

Sean Lyons Group is not just any sales recruitment company. We have vast experience when it comes to recruitment, executive searches, assessment, and placement in the hospitality industry. Our time in the business has enabled us to build client relationships from coast to coast. We offer a broad spectrum of services and deliver personalized and result-oriented services. Our team of staffing consultant experts helps us use the best search and recruitment strategies that put us as one of the best professional staffing and recruitment companies. Not to mention, we have an in-depth understanding of operations in the hospitality business and hiring practices. For more than 25 years, we have been the first choice for companies looking to find executives that are a perfect fit for their organizations. Call us today and find your next best employee.

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Sean Lyons Group is always looking for new opportunities to engage with companies and help them recruit the best employees. As a top sales management recruiter, we are qualified to assist you in your crucial search thanks to our vast experience in recruitment in the hospitality industry. Contact us today for assistance on marketing, sales, strategy, or executive staffing. We are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.