When it comes to the hospitality arena, you are only as good as your staff represents your values. They communicate with your customers directly and ensure a seamless guest experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Have No Idea How To Begin Your Hospitality Recruitment?

Sean Lyons Group takes pride in providing high-level executive search services for our hospitality clients. We are your trusted full-service, end-to-end recruiting firm that takes the time to identify your values to match you with the best staff in only 45 days or less! From a good operations team for the smooth running of your hotel to the efficient management of your funds with a reliable finance team, we have you covered.

Move Your Hotel Business To The Next Level With The Proper Hotel Recruitment!

Looking For Hospitality Executive Search For Superior Leadership Teams?

Leadership is another crucial facet of any hotel. Your employees will need reliable management to keep them in check while being on top of unrivaled customer service for the five stars. We can help you find your perfect candidate from C-level, VP, Director, and Mid to Senior Management positions. Direct your energy to what you do best, and let us do the hunting for you!

Why Choose Us For Your Hospitality Recruiting?

Acquiring the right talent to steer your hotel towards success is no small feat. Whether you are looking for long-term or temporary staff, we are a hotel staffing agency that pairs you with the best talent.

Decades Of Experience

We have two decades of experience in hotel executive search, providing our clients with invaluable knowledge about varying roles. We take a keen interest in targeted searches that foster operational excellence and top-notch service delivery. Our highly experienced team consists of leaders with varying leadership backgrounds in different departments for the best recruitment services you will find anywhere.

Strategic staffing

Working with us brings unique input on board to make a difference to your bottom line. Our hotel recruiting services aim to meet your needs through a customized approach. We take the least time possible to identify and fill gaps to avoid any inconveniences to your team. This is without compromising the qualification process for eligible employees with the best skills for the role. We can even develop a recruitment plan for the peak and off-peak seasons to make you a step ahead of the game.

Save Money

We are dependable national hotel staff recruiters who hold our candidates to the highest standards. You can save yourself the headaches from non-compliant or unfit employees who may create turbulence in your business and losses in the long run. Moreover, we save you money from going hands-on with recruiting, hiring, and training processes. We link you with experienced and highly qualified guys for the job.

Looking for the best fit for your vacant positions? Sean Lyons Group offers top-notch permanent and temporary hotel recruitment for the hospitality industry as per your requirements. You can trust our chosen talent to help you achieve your goals through customer loyalty and improved profitability. Let the experts help while saving you a chunk of your money!