General Management

Owning a hospitality company comes with perks and a fair share of challenges. Having the best team, especially the top management, can be a great asset. And we are here to help. Sean Lyons Group works closely with hotels, resorts, restaurants, private clubs, and the food service industries to provide the highest quality outsourced general manager recruitment services. We understand how crucial this is for your business and practice precision at every step.

Unrivaled General Manager Recruitment Services

The leadership team can make or break your business, and our recruitment specialists for general managers buffer you from disruptions and losses to your business. We diligently hunt the employment market with a focus on meeting your needs.

Searching For High-Level General Manager Recruitment Services?

Your General Manager Is Your Business Cornerstone

The future of your business is in the hands of your management team. They ensure your business doors remain open season in and out. They manage daily operations, establish growth strategies, train low-level managers and employees, manage budgets, promote team building, evaluate performance, and most importantly, foster a unique guest experience so they can come back again!

Why Choose Us For Choosing Your General Manager?

Customized services

If looking for general manager search firms, we pay attention to your specific needs to meet each. We consider the size of your business and the types of services you offer. As a result, we match you with the best manager for the job who is best positioned to take your business to new heights.


We are veterans in the recruitment of hospitality staff, with over twenty years of helping businesses like yours get the most from their recruitment needs. Our unwavering dedication to high-level general managers’ search services has earned us a good reputation. That has enabled us to create long-term relationships with our clients.

Latest technology

As the world jumps onto new equipment and tools, so do we. We use the latest technology to speed up our processes without sacrificing accuracy and quality. This enables us to meet your search needs in 45 days or less.

Rich team of recruitment experts

Our success comes from our team’s prowess and passion for delivering the best results. We combine the best individuals for each task and a highly qualified and experienced HR professional to oversee the process. Rest assured that our staff is the best you will find anywhere, who are ready to help you navigate the recruitment world efficiently and effectively.

The Industries Served By Our General Manager Recruitment Agency


Providing accommodation, meals, and other offerings to travelers and tourists is more than meeting the day-to-day operations. We can help you meet the next face behind pleasant and unmatched experiences for your guests.



If you provide the perfect environment for relaxation away from home, sustaining your business during the off-peak and making the most of the peak seasons takes the intervention of a good management team.


Food Service

Besides the best culinary skills, we match you with the best general management to help you seamlessly meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.


Private Clubs

Passion can be the reason for starting a meeting point for people of similar interests. But even the best facilities and activities need the perfect manager to meet your business goals.



Eateries can be tremendously profitable, but only when things are done right. We choose the best and most talented management that can oversee the staff training to the delicious cuisines.

Ski Resorts

If you provide a space for indulging in winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, a superior management team makes sure you overcome the ups and downs in other seasons.


Sean Lyons Group offers end-to-end and premium general manager recruitment services to help hospitality companies meet their day-to-day operations while fostering future growth. We match companies with the best-fitted managers that we strongly believe can take your business to the next level. Call us today to speak to one of our recruitment professionals!