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Fairly Priced And Needs-Based Hospitality Recruiting Services Near You!

Sean Lyons Group is one of the leading agencies for hospitality recruiting. We are a full-service, end-to-end recruiting firm offering unmatched search services. We have worked to meet the staffing needs of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and events, establishing long-term relationships from our excellent work. We are your go-to specialist in identifying and recruiting food service personnel. We connect employers with a pool of talent every season.

Access 5-Star Talent With Our Hospitality Recruiting Services

Targeted approaches

Any staffing need is in the good hands of our highly experienced staff. Precision is an important facet of our success. We work to fill the gaps effectively and ensure you have a team that matches your values and culture. We handle small to large-scale projects, incorporating the highest standards in our staffing processes.

Customized solutions

We are a flexible hospitality recruitment firm that strives to meet the different requirements of our clients. Your needs are our top priority, and whether you wish to source nationally or locally, we listen to you. The same applies if you want a one-time service or more. We provide tailored hotel recruiting solutions to our clients.

Well-thought-out staffing

To establish what suits you best, we factor in the number of positions, budget confinements, and staffing needs. Our insights also help determine if temporary or permanent hiring is a practical solution. With varying specifications for the skill set to the service line, we never apply a one-size-fits-all.

Staff Compliance

When your business is on the line, you can’t afford to leave room for poor performance and surprises down the road. Trust our chosen staff to meet more than the scope of responsibilities and comply with state laws. We carry out background checks to match you with people who create the perfect representation of your brand.

Why Choose Us For Your Hospitality Executive Search?


We have over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry and know our way inside and out. We keep up with staffing trends to connect our clients with the best candidates available. We strive to know and understand your company to provide optimum results with systematic staffing processes that go the extra mile.

Vast network

Thanks to our strong networking skills, we can effortlessly and quickly source the ideal candidates. We have a list of active and passive job seekers in wait. All that is left is meeting your recruitment objectives. We interview thousands of candidates, gauging their fitness, personalities, and more.

Reputable reputation

We have long-term clients in the hospitality industry who wouldn’t choose any other firm for their recruitment needs. We apply the highest standards for the perfect fit for every vacant position.


While we strive to get you the best talent and can vouch for their skills and expertise, we also understand that the unexpected may happen. We buffer you with replacements during such rare events, keeping your needs on our priority list.

Are you in the foodservice industry and require hospitality recruiting services?

Sean Lyons Group is at your service! We have a large pool of talent, enabling us to meet your staffing needs within 45 days or less. Our high-level services provide great value to our clients by factoring in your culture, goals, and hiring objectives. Get it right with your recruitment the first time by contacting us today!