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Sean Lyons Group is one of the best national hospitality recruitment agencies. We offer food and beverage staffing services for our clients. We work endlessly and even go beyond our way to provide our clients with the best staff for their hotels, restaurants, resorts, and events.

Our aim at Sean Lyons Group is to deliver nothing but the best service to our clients and to establish a long-lasting relationship with them. We are your ideal partner when looking for the best agency to help recruit food service personnel. Our job is to link employers with the best pool of talent.

The Nation’s Best Food & Beverage Staffing Services

Why Choose Sean Lyons Resort Staffing Agency?

Our Strategies Are Ideal

At Sean Lyons Group, we use purposeful strategies to get qualified and experienced staff for your food and beverage staffing needs. One key factor to our success is precision.
We make sure we go out of our way to hire the right staff that matches the values and culture of your company. Whether the project you’re laying in our hands is small or large-scale, we offer the best hospitality recruiting services by providing you with individuals or candidates that are team players, self-motivated, and pay a lot of attention to details.

We Provide You With Obedient Staff

We understand the need to have compliant staff members that follow the rules. We also know that you can’t afford to leave room for underperformance. You can always rely on our outsourced staff to be dutiful, responsible, and compliant. We endeavor to conduct a thorough background check on the staff we are connecting you with so that they can carry on with the perfect legacy of your brand.

We Carry Out a Strategic Sourcing of Staff

While sourcing the perfect staff for you, we consider many factors, such as your budget, the number of positions available, and your staffing needs. Our expertise also helps determine whether hiring temporary or permanent staff is the best option.

We Recruit Locally or Nationally

Our food and beverage staffing services are flexible to meet our client’s various needs. We pay attention to our client’s needs, so whether you want your staff to be sourced locally or nationally, we adhere to your needs. We can offer a deeper talent pool due to seasonal differences in our hospitality staff network.

Are You Looking for a Food and Beverage Staffing Service?

Sean Lyons Group is the perfect choice for you! We’re fully equipped with talented and highly professional staff that allow us to meet your staffing needs within a limited time.

We offer top-notch services by bearing in mind your company’s goals, culture, and hiring needs. Get the best staff at your disposal by contacting us for a top-notch hospitality recruiting service