Executive/ COO

Many individuals are fit to work with your company. However, locating these individuals is challenging because of the little experience in recruiting, assessing, and placement of staff. Executive Recruiters look into the culture and needs of a company and hire the best executive talent who is fit and capable of executing his roles in the company. Every organization deserves the best candidates: they increase productivity, explore their experience, and make the work easy to execute. The duties of executive recruiters can never be undermined. Most leading organizations have Executive Search recruiter companies that work hand-in-hand with their organizations during staffing and other human resources exercises. At Sean Lyons Group (SLG), we help you locate and hire the best executive talent, irrespective of the competition or the number of applicants. We take our time to screen everyone who potentially qualifies for administrative duty, and we bring out the best from a large population. We play a leading role in recruiting assessments for organizations.

Full-Service Recruiting

At Sean Lyons Group (SLG), we handle all the processes of recruiting qualified individuals into your organization. Our services cover all areas of staffing in industries such as hotels, resorts, food services, private clubs, restaurants, and ski resorts. Thus, we promise you total satisfaction if you work with us, as we are the best executive recruiters in these industries.

We Help Companies Hire The Best Executive Talent

Executive/Chief Operating Officer (Coo)

Executive/COO is one of the highest positions in an organization. Hiring an executive/COO is a delicate step because the candidate is a senior officer who oversees daily activities. The officer is indirectly in charge of how productive the employees are and the total daily output. Hiring an executive/COO is vital for all organizations. If you need a chief operating officer in your hotel or other industries, you can count on us. We qualify as the best executive search recruiters who help you source the right candidate for the job. A general manager performs roles in management. There is a difference between a chief operating officer and a general manager. In contrast, a COO is a person in an organization – who oversees all activities. General managers are often many, and they occupy each department in an organization. We are the best executive recruiters you can count on; we have all the resources to hire your company’s best executive talent.

Hire The Best Executive Search Recruiters In North Carolina

Although we focus on hiring the best executive talent, we have standard requirements for all positions, and this has been helping in recruitment. We know that you need the best talent in your company. We do our best to bring out the best in our potential executive talents before sending them to your company. We function as a private staffing agency for many organizations. So, your privacy is secured with us. Do not worry; we respect our clients and keep all records with top security. You can trust us with any background information regarding the hiring process. Contact us today, and have access to the best executive recruiters with all expertise in full-service recruiting in North Carolina.